Eric Morris, Instructor, Touch Guitarist and Tenor

An alluring Sound, a Masterful Musician


Touch Guitar

  1. Can you play outside, without electricity available?

    yes indeed, i have a small amp that is operable for 15 hours without electricity... it doesn't shake the floor, but it's certainly loud enough to be heard even at medium volume levels...

  2. What are your prices, per hour?

    because there are so many parameters involved, such as travel to and from, it's best to just contact me so we can negotiate! ;-)

  3. do you play with other people?

    I usually play as a one man operation- keeps things simple and easy for all, and as the instrument covers a very full harmonic range there really is no need for others to help out! I certainly can, and have, accompanied singers and even myself singing on occasion, and have played with others- but on the whole, this is a one man show... This keeps things simple for me, and keeps the prices lower for you while at the same time providing you with a sound that previously could only be attained with at least two people in an ensemble- Win Win!!!

  4. will this electric instrument be too loud?

    the instrument is as loud, or as soft, as you and your guests want it... i am by nature a classically trained performer, so i would hope volume levels would always be in good taste and restrained- if not just tell me, and i'll turn things down to the level that you want...

  5. do you sing at the same time you play?

    I certainly can; I accompany myself on some folk songs and hymns, and this repertoire will be ever growing...

  6. do you take special song requests?

    please give me 4 months notice, and i can work up most any song you want, within reason... price for this is negotiable, contact me for details...

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  1. What kind of repertoire do you perform, as a tenor?

    I sing everything from classical to jazz and beyond- I've sung classes with Pavarotti and opened for Ray Charles, so I really do run the gamut singing-wise...

  2. Do you work with a group, or solo?

    Either can be arranged, I have many people I work with professionally and can put together a group for Christmas caroling in Victorian costumery, or whatever else you can come up with; as a soloist i require a piano... 4 months notice is requested, although for a negotiated fee this can happen with shorter notice...

  3. Will you need amplification when you sing?

    This of course depends on the space- I have a small amp that can certainly be used for smaller venues when mike-less singing is unrealistic, larger spaces will require a larger sound system... I can certainly arrange this for a negotiable fee...

  4. Do you need, or have, an accompanist?

    When I sing, I usually either accompany myself with the touch guitar or work with a pianist or organist- so a piano is requested... if not available a portable electric keyboard can substitute, for a negotiated price- 4 months notice requested... I can also accompany myself on selected repertoire with the accordion, contact me for details...

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