Eric Morris, Instructor, Touch Guitarist and Tenor

An alluring Sound, a Masterful Musician

                                            Other Interests

                              FROM THE DESK OF ERIC MORRIS:

"I'm an avid horticulturist, working usually with hydroponics. Favorite veggies to grow are tomatoes, squash, peppers and more. I am a big supporter of Dyna-Gro complete plant nutrition formulas and think you should check 'em out if you love your plants- all macro and micronutrients are there, in perfect amounts! They also sell pure Neem Oil, a natural insecticide made from the oil of the Neem Tree, a wonderfully beneficial tree grown in India. 


    (Brandywine heirloom tomatoes, from the hydro garden, Hayward circa 2005- probably the best sun I've ever had to work with, from morning til sunset direct and intense.)


In addition, I love to play tennis and usually surprise my opponent just a tad; they think I can't move around for some reason haha!

 I am an enthusiastic cyclist, have taken two camping trips from SF to the border of Mexico, mostly on Highway 1. I usually cycle 70 miles per wk on average, rain or shine~ just ask my students, it's not rare to see me come into class in full, dripping raingear. 

Once upon a time I used to play ice hockey, and still enjoy watching it on tv and supporting the Sharks. 

I think backgammon is a great game, and sometimes you can find me playing folks all over the world on the First Internet Backgammon Server, or FIBS. Should you go, my handle there is, appropriately enough, tenor!

I love to cook, especially Asian food~ Indonesian, Indian, Chinese (of course!), and a lot more. 

I make yogurt, and have been known to make sourdough bread as well. I am the King of Kitchen Gadgets, owning a dehydrator, rotisserie, slicer, bread machine, egg cooker from the 50's, juicer, george foreman grill, and a lot more that I've probably forgotten about! 

I love home, and would almost always prefer to be there!

My mom's 86 years old, and I am very happy to be her right hand~ she doesn't need a great deal of help, but whatever she needs I like to think I'm there for her... 

 I love ballroom dancing, especially foxtrot, waltz and swing. 

I am a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin, and have many of his movies on DVD... and he just might be the person I'd most like to have dinner with from the past... 

I am a big fan of forensic shows, and suspect that in another life I was a detective; there are very few things that make me happier than justice finally meted out to one deserving of it. 

My favorite cities are San Francisco, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, and a pretty little town called Port Bou in Spain. 

I truly appreciate and love the elderly; they have so much to teach, and are so at home in their own skins. As much as I appreciate the finer points of youth, seems to me that young folks are shadows of the people they will become, in many ways; delightfully energetic shadows, but shadows nonetheless... 

I really love teaching, and do believe the things I teach in my music skills classes are skills good musicians use everyday they ply their craft~ incredibly rewarding!

I lead a charmed and blessed life, and that is due in large part to the support and unconditional love of my friends and family. Thank you for being there for me!"