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                               A NOTE FROM THE DESK OF ERIC MORRIS:

                            "WHY I NAMED MY INSTRUMENT CARLOS FERNANDO,

                                       AND INFO ABOUT THE TOUCH GUITAR...

Once upon a time, my great grandpa Carlos Fernando was a lawyer. His dearest wish, though, was to sing opera onstage somewhere. Despite his many successes in life, from what I've been able to glean the guy didn't have any kind of voice, yet he persisted in singing his apparently ugly ditties to whichever tortured ears he could bend.


I would like to think that in a way my singing has been a fruition of these familial genetic desires to get onstage and bellow. But my poor great grandfather never could sing, and even though I never met him I feel a very real tie to the man. So I honor him by letting him sing through my instrument, and whenever I reach for it I try my level best to give him the voice he so sadly lacked in life. I think he sounds great, and is a real star. You be the judge...


As for my instrument, it was handmade by Kevin Siebold, an eminent luthier (with a wackily self deprecating sense of humor) right here in the United States; he sells instruments like mine under the "touchstyle" section of his site, Krappy Guitars. There are only a handful of people in the world playing this particular instrument; the sound combines the bell-like high range of the guitar with the growling low range of the bass. Because it’s electric, it can sound like an acoustic guitar or even play lead guitar type riffs as well.

This twelve string instrument is handcrafted of fine hardwoods-mahogany, Brazilian cherry, walnut and poplar. It is played by simply touching the strings lightly- the sound can be as loud or as soft as the situation warrants. It can play complex chords of up to 12 notes at a time. The sound of one person playing it is therefore fuller harmonically than a guitar or bass can sound when playing alone. Tapping on a guitar has much history behind it, but it's generally conceded that this type of instrument and playing technique was invented by an extremely canny American musician and inventor named Emmett Chapman in the 1970's.

Calling this instrument a Guitar is totally misleading- it is in every way a completely different instrument than the guitar we are all familiar with. It is played differently, tuned differently, and sounds quite different as well- it has a sound all it’s own! It is perhaps most comparable to a keyboard, both in it’s range and ability to make even orchestral scores playable by one person. To hear it  in action, click here!"





Concierto de Aranjuez,
excerpts from movement two, Joaquin Rodrigo

J. S. Bach’s Air on the G String

J. S. Bach’s Minuets in G

Morning,  from Grieg's Peer Gynt Suites

TrollDance, from Peer Gynt Suites

Ase’s Death, from Peer Gynt Suites

Pavane by Gabriel Faure





True Light, from Japanese animé, DN Angel

Sleepwalk, by Santo and Johnny

The Star Spangled Banner, straight ahead or rock version

Patriotic Favorites- America, My Country 'tis of thee, O Beautiful for Spacious Skies

Amazing Grace

The E-Mo Blues

Etude in Seven


New and Classic Rock Tunes

HIts of the 30’s and 40’s

Many original pieces of differing genres

Many folk and hymn tunes of American, English, Irish, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese and German origin.

Personalized Commissions available, please contact Eric at

                                                Full repertoire list available upon request.